Monday, January 6, 2014

Where in the West: January 2014

I won't mention exactly how long it's been since I posted a Where in the West (or the one and only Where in the North), because I don't have the means to look it up right now (I'm writing this without an internet connection). Suffice it to say that it's been quite a while.

The photos below are of snowy, mountainous country with fjords and -- for additional location-enhancing info -- with a particularly high mountain in the background. As I write this, I know only the general location: somewhere between Anchorage and Seattle.

Where in the West (WITW) always features a location in the western part of the northern hemisphere. Be the first to identify the location -- hopefully the fjords and a mountain or two have names -- and if you can find out a bit about the geology (hint: glacial?), all the better.
Two fjords.
Zooming in on the fjord on the right in the first photo, from a slightly different angle, with a fairly tall mountain near its head.
Zooming in on the high mountain, slightly off-center to the left, with the fjord now nearly out of the picture on the left.
This should be easy to find, and sorry, no prizes.


Utemike said...
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Utemike said...

Looking north from about Campbell River, BC?

If so that might be Mt Waddington.

Best flight of my life in that area. Caught a refueling tanker hop from Fairbanks to Omaha. Got to lie in the refueling pod with windows for the entire trip down the inside passage on a day so clear I could see fishing boats and houses on beautiful blue water.

Thanks for the reminder.

Silver Fox said...

Not quite in the right location, and a guess from Twitter covering the entire Alexander archipelago is also off the mark some.

That kinda narrows it down!

I'm hoping for an id of one or both of the fjords, possibly the mountain.

Ron Schott said...

Fjord #1 (left) is Dean Channel and fjord #2 (right) is Burke Channel. The high mountain in the center of Photo #3 is Thunder Mountain/Tzeetsaytsul Peak, northeast of Bella Coola, BC, which sits at the head of the North Bentinck Arm of Burke Channel.

Silver Fox said...

Ron, you got it! Yay!!

I found it surprisingly easy to find, but then, I knew how far north I was (by flight time) of SeaTac.

Ron Schott said...

It wasn't too hard to find once I got serious about looking. The clouds and snowlines were a bit more tricky than usual.

What I enjoyed most about the search was trying to nail down the names of the geographic features - that's where the challenge gets interesting for me.

Thanks for posting these types of challenges, SF. It's fun to give the old research skills an exercise once in a while.