Friday, January 3, 2014

Can I Create a Draft with the Blogger App While Offline?

I'm sitting here inside flight 112--I think--with my phone in airplane mode, wondering if I can create a blog draft that I can save and post later. Obviously, the rest of this test will have to be completed after switching out of airplane mode and connecting with a wireless or other network.

And now for an obligatory photo upload to accompany this post.

UPDATE 4Jan2014: I just changed the picture size and formatting, because the app doesn't allow real manipulation of text and photos and doesn't have an HTML editor.


Chuck Magee said...

Looks fine,

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Chuck. I did a couple modifications just now for formatting -- but from the comments at Google Play, I thought the app wouldn't work at all offline -- and it definitely does, which means I might be able to block out some basic things during my hour-long work commutes.