Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fieldwork in the US: A Map

Short Geologist over at Accidental Remediation has started a new meme: US states you've done fieldwork in. She has excluded states where she may have only done fieldwork during grad or undergrad school, as have I, but she encourages you to use any definition you'd like when making your own fieldwork map. Additionally, I have left out two countries I've done minimal fieldwork in (I'd have to make a separate map). Some of you might want to make a fieldwork by country map.

I'd add Virginia, Michigan, and Hawaii to this map if I were to expand my definition to include states I've done field work in during my undergrad years (Virginia) along with states I've visited in a geological capacity, though either not for pay (Hawaii) or not doing actual fieldwork but going on field trips or for-pay trips to the field (Hawaii, Michigan).

As you can see, I'm primarily a western geologist. Anyone else want to join?

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