Friday, March 7, 2014

A Where in the West Revisited: Rose Spit, B.C.

Flying back from Alaska on yet another recent trip, I was able to spot Rose Spit, which featured as a Where in the West challenge back in October of 2010. The shape of the northeastern tip of Graham Island — an island in the Haida Gwaii, or Queen Charlotte Islands, off of the coast of British Columbia up near Prince Rupert — always fascinates me.
The northern portion of Graham Island, with Rose Spit on the left below the wing, and Maset Sound in the upper right.
Maset Sound is a narrow, river-like entrance into the larger, saltwater body of water known as Maslet Inlet, which is somewhat visible beneath the clouds hovering over the central part of the island.
The waves around the spit were reflecting in a bright, yellowish glare from the mid-day sun.
A closer view of the convoluted shape of Rose Spit and its associated small islands.
A view of the spit, with a few of the small islands off its tip.
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