Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back from the Middle of Nowhere

antelope I am recently back from a week-plus-long field trip in western Nevada. My first day gone was a driving day - I took some side roads and had to download my camera in my truck once during the trip because I took so many photos. I saw some interesting and strange sights along the way.

Pancake Summit
wolf Above: a "pit stop" at Pancake Summit on Highway 50 and lunch at the Toiyabe Cafe in Austin.

Middlegate Junction
Gabbs Above: I turned off at Middlegate Junction and drove through north and south Gabbs.

Pilot Peak
Walker Lake
Mason Valley
YeringtonI drove back roads through Gabbs to Mina and then to Hawthorne, which took me past Walker Lake and finally to my destination. Along the way, I made many stops for road cuts, old buildings, and expansive views. I'm now back at "our little house" with MOH after being gone 10 mostly long days. I have a lot of catching up to do in the next two days, including laundry, watering plants, and sorting mail. I have new boots to pick up, and - well, the list goes on beyond that. While I was gone, MOH was also gone part of the time, and was able to get to our non-outback home at the lake to relax, check things out, go shopping at one of those big box stores, grab some things from home to bring here, and also had time to visit with family. That is quite a lot for the two of us to have accomplished during the last couple weeks - besides a field trip for me and work for MOH. I'm not quite ready, but it's almost time to get back to work.


MJC Rocks said...

Welcome home!

Roads said...

Great scenery, Silver Fox. I'm always looking for Clint Eastwood lurking in your photos (even if those spaghetti westerns were actually shot near Almería in southern Spain).

1&2 said...

I really like the toilet lying on top of the outcrop: a situationist prank?

Silver Fox said...

1&2 - I'm not sure how the toilet got onto the outcrop, but it wasn't there a couple months ago when I drove by - I'm pretty sure I would have noticed! Some kind of strange things can be seen along Highway 50 (in Nevada, anyway) - "The Loneliest Road" - perhaps most notable is The Shoe Tree near Middlegate - the place, not Middlegate the junction. You'll see The Shoe Tree later in this series of trip photos.