Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Quick Note Before Work

A quick note for a Saturday morning while I'm having morning coffee: The weather has been pretty good here recently - relatively warm and mostly clear - at least until yesterday afternoon when the wind picked up. Temperatures might be a bit cooler today, with an expected high of 48 degrees F, and a wind advisory has been posted! When it gets windy and dusty at the mine (much of the summer months) the water truck (trucks?) sprays water everywhere - and hopefully not too much so the roads don't become slippery for the huge haul trucks driving around, carrying ore to the crusher and ore piles and waste to the various waste dumps.

We have had dry roads and no mud for at least a couple weeks, but because they sprayed water yesterday, MOH and I now have bits of dried mud -dirt! - scattered through the house from MOH's boots. I didn't get muddy boots because the roads I use weren't sprayed, although that could change if the winds become persistent.

I'm currently working my mostly 10-hour days, leaving for work around 6:30 am, getting back from work by 5:30 pm. MOH is on days right now, which means that we see each other in the mornings and at night. He leaves here at about 5:00 am and returns usually by 6:30 pm. We both are to bed around 8:00, lights out at 9:00, and so my time for blogging and fixing up photos, etc, is seeming a little limited. Oh, well!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. For me, I think it's still Tuesday!


Chuck said...

Better 48F than 48C...

Silver Fox said...

Well, it's not summer yet... Although the only time(s) I've worked in temperatures like those were down in the Mojave, where it starts getting that way any time it wants to. In the Nevada deserts, 115 F (46 C), is fairly high, but certainly reached sometimes.