Thursday, May 15, 2008

Media Tool

Above is a photo of a device that some of you might want to use. Although it is designed specifically to correct incorrect quotes made by the media, I suspect it could also be used to correct any media mistakes including the use of bad information, incorrect or bad interpretations, and outrageous or overstated titles and press releases (see Clastic Detritus and James' Empty Blog).

Disclaimer 1: The photo of this device has not been approved by the device owner, who was not contacted prior to publication of this post.

Disclaimer 2: The use of this device could result in bodily harm (primarily to the recipient of the device but possibly also to the device wielder), and could conceivably result in the unwanted involvement of lawyer types and/or law enforcement types.

Disclaimer 3: The designer or engineer of this device (an Alaskan or former Alaskan) was also not contacted prior to publication of this post. The device is presumably not patented.

Disclaimer 4: The owner of this device emphatically does not endorse the use of improper words and phrases such as "and/or" - being a consummate editor. In the future, please use either "and" or "or" depending on the circumstances. Also, please watch your commas.


Anonymous said...

Once, when I was being interviewed in my office by a sweet young thing, she asked if I had every used my Media Quote Correction Tool. With a stern look I responded, "Only Once," then showed her the nicks on the edges of the tool. It seemed to make her more thoughtful.

Silver Fox said...

She probably thought you were getting ready to use your Media Quote Correction Tool!