Saturday, May 24, 2008

Snow in Spring

The Schell Creek Range - in the morning, with rays from the morning sun.

A low, spreading growth of Purshia tridentata, AKA bitterbrush or buckbrush - in the afternoon.

The Schell Creek Range - in the late afternoon, with a lot of snow on the high peaks.

Others have noted the recent almost unseasonable weather, including Kim at All My Faults Are Stress-Related, and Coconino at Ordinary High Water Mark.

Just another day in the life: springtime in Nevada - reminds me of the 1970's.


coconino said...

I did my field camp in the Schells. I have fond memories of that range.

Silver Fox said...

I hope it was a little warmer!

coconino said...

It was mostly nice, but it seemed that year the monsoonal afternoon thunderstorms started in June, and started in the morning. There were several days we had to stay in camp in the am until it cleared, or came back early due to deluge. When we moved up to the Snake Range, I recollect spending several long lunches in an alcove in the detachment, complete with farting dog.