Friday, May 30, 2008

Fossil Friday

Some fossils of probable Devonian age for your Friday enjoyment. These are tiny little things next to small, daisy-like flowers, with the small gastropod-like fossil in the first photo being about 1/2 inch across.

Some fossils in this general section look like gastropods, possible fusulinids, possible corals, brachiopods, clam-like things, and maybe some crinoids. The formation is mapped in one fossiliferous location as the Devonian Simonson Dolomite, and in another fossil-rich location it seems to be mapped as the Devonian Guilmette Limestone -- although rocks and fossils look the same to me. I haven't seen much of the Simonson, but I could easily be convinced that it's the Guilmette. Sorry -- I haven't tried fizzing any of these yet!

If you know the real names of any of these fossils, let me know!

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