Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brrr... It's "Indian" Winter

view from town

damp ground

view from work

Above: clouds and showers over the Duck Creek and Schell Creek Ranges, and evidence of a little rain in the night.

After a few days of warm, summery weather, the clouds, sprinkles, and chilling winds are back. The sprinkles, so far, have mostly amounted to a kind of mud storm, where little spots of mud were left on my truck window overnight. In a few small places the ground actually got wet. Right now the temperatures are in the mid to low forties (F) at the airport, which is at about 6250 feet in elevation. It's probably a bit cooler up where I work, with the office being at 7000+ feet.

UPDATE: Through the day, it became apparent that there has indeed been a light snowfall on the high mountains, probably mostly above 10,000 feet.

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