Friday, July 4, 2008

Our Campsite on Wheeler Peak

camp First of all, pull up a chair, put your feet up...

coffee...and have some coffee.

camp viewCampsite #6 is a good site with the creek behind camp and a bit of a view of the spires and turrets of Wheeler Peak through the aspens, Englemann spruce, and limber pines.

butterflyIn the morning, yellow Tiger swallowtail butterflies pass through camp as though you are in the middle of their thoroughfare.

birdBirds chirp everywhere, and occasionally you can spot one of the small ones, which are the ones that make the loudest sounds, along with an occasional robin.

chipperIt was a good place to rest up after our hike to the Bristlecones and the rock glacier.

[Silly me, I thought I'd post a video of the campsite at Wheeler Peak, mostly just for the sounds of the creek and the birds chirping in the background - it's taking forever, so maybe I'll describe it a bit while I wait.]

Next time, however, we plan to stay in campsite #10, which is closer to the restroom... just uphill from the large meadow at the lower end of camp...

aspens...and has wonderful aspens just behind camp.

deerMule deer like to wander through the aspens.

[Well, forget the video - I've tried several times now; it just isn't working!]

Wheeler Peak is inside Great Basin National Park


Eric said...

Man! That is one picturesque campsite!

Silver Fox said...

Eric, it's a great place - so great that I've never even checked out the two lower campgrounds since first driving to the top in 1978. Good place to stop for the night if you're just passing through.