Friday, July 18, 2008

Monsoonish Weather While Mapping

field Nice view of The Field, with rain just about to happen.

raindrops Rain happens, and messes with my windshield.

rainRain. Around here it's called the monsoon. It comes up from the south, from Arizona way, moves into eastern Nevada and western Utah, hangs around for a while - or even all summer long.

Mosquitoes. Forgot to mention them in my Rules of the Desert. Take precautions if necessary. Drink some gin and tonics (at night, I'd say), to help keep the malaria away and to prevent any incipient onset of scurvy that might arise (well, for that, you've got to stick a lime in it!). Gin, made from juniper berries, is supposed to be good for all kinds of things (well, the berries are), but in a gin & tonic, it's supposed to be the best drink for counteracting the effects of heat, as Rod Smith of the Los Angeles Times has said:
"No other drink counters oppressive heat better than a gin and tonic. The Gatorade of British colonial days, it was what allowed Englishmen to join mad dogs out in the noonday sun."
.Outback Lemming, take note!


Unknown said...

I hope the roads didn't get too slippery... I've nearly been over the edge...literally... b/c of the muck!

Silver Fox said...

These roads weren't too bad. The roads near our drill sites were the kind of mud that makes big mud balls out of your tires - and sticks on your boots!

Wayfarer Scientista said...

all those poor enacing malarial mosqitoes...

Anonymous said...

Great pictures on your blog. I like taking road trips and exploring the country-side. Don't know much about the landscape though. All the geological details makes your blog very informative.

Silver Fox said...

Science cog, good to hear from you, and thanks for your comment. Glad you've enjoyed the pics!

Wayfarer - I guess I've never felt too sorry for mosquitoes! And I think the no-seeums are out, too, now that the weather has gotten sunny again.