Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Volcanoes Accused of Evil Intent

Talk about anthropomorphism, volcanoes have now been labeled as evil by a certain non-geo blogger. Twice!

Bloggers of the geoblogosphere - Maria, The Volcanism Blog, and Chris Rowan - have come to the defense of the otherwise defenseless volcanoes of the world. After all, someone's gotta do it. Who's ever heard of a volcano hiring a lawyer? No need for that, though: we've got the geoblogosphere to the rescue!

It's all a question of balance, though. Without volcanoes, we would have no life. Without life we would have no extinctions. Without life, we would have no humans to bitch about volcanoes and extinctions. On and on, yada yada yada...

All I can say is:
Volcanoes of the World Unite! Don't put up with all this maligning of your no doubt pure intent!

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