Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To My Wayward Drillers

To DD and DR - if you happen to be making it in to Los Anchorage on your days off and have access to the vast world of online communications...

Now that you are both up north, what do you expect us to do down here? Train more drillers? I don't think it's fair at all, our best being taken, as it were, just because there are problems in the northlands!

So hurry back, we are all awaiting your return! In the meantime, enjoy the late summer weather for a few more days. Termination dust fell in Anchorage more than two weeks ago! It will shortly be cold, snowy, 20F below zero and colder, and the ground will be frozen. Of course, I hear it can be better to drill on frozen rather than muddy ground, and the mosquitoes, no-seeums, and white socks will go away. Along with the bears. I hope you have good dog-houses built around your rigs!!

If you are in Anchor Town in the next couple weeks, drop me a line, we can have coffee at B&N, or maybe you can buy me a beer or two - surely you owe me at least one (each) for leaving so suddenly!

Best wishes from down here in the southlands, I'll be heading from Outside to Inside soon,

Yours, sfx
Otherwise known as Your Drilling Commander-ess (ha!)

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