Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mapping at Night

So, after two days of mapping, it's night, my feet are sore, and I'm trying to go to sleep. And what's going on? Every time I close my eyes, I try to draw outcrops on my map sheet. For some reason, that then wakes me up. Or, I'll be walking around an outcrop taking GPS readings, and my foot steps on a soft bit of earth or a hackly rock, and that wakes me up. It feels so real that I jerk my foot back, which makes my whole body jerk.

Well, time to give it another shot: my 4:30 alarm comes early, even if I do snooze it until 5:00!



Julian said...

Oh man. Last quarter, while taking intro field mapping, I'd get home from a weekend-long trip and would dream about mapping the exact same outcrops I'd been at all weekend. There were these tricky orange limestone beds that were giving me a heck of a time in reality, but I dreamed that I traced them through, and was all annoyed to wake up and see no further progress on my actual map.

Silver Fox said...

Julian, too bad the dream didn't hold when you woke up! You should have been able to walk straight to the field and find those pesky outcrops right where they were at night! :)