Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Where in the West: August

This mountain, seen from the east looking more-or-less west, is known for a fairly recent eruption that sent ash at least half-way across Nevada. The remnants of an older, larger volcanic edifice can also be seen in this picture, on the far left. The mountain is also known for x-c skiing, hiking, and a few hot springs.

Name the mountain - and can you name the smaller crag on the left of the photo or the earlier volcanic edifice that has since been blown away?

As usual, click to enlarge!


Julian said...

It's Mammoth! Which is part of the Long Valley Caldera.

(I don't know the name of the little crag, though. But I do know that this is a place I'd like to visit at some point!)

Silver Fox said...

Julian, I was actually thinking of something considerably more recent than the Long Valley caldera.

Garry Hayes said...

It's Lassen Peak and Brokeoff Mtn!

Silver Fox said...

Exactly! It's a great place for a summer or fall field trip - have you ever taken a class there? Kind of far up the Great Valley.

The largest 20th century eruption of Lassen Peak was in May, 1915. And Brokeoff Mountain is a remnant of a much earlier stratovolcano.