Monday, December 8, 2008

A Clue - Where in the North, December

Well, having had exactly zero takers on the Where in the North photo I posted a few days back, I'll add a little clue: the fjord in the photo is one of the longest ones in the world!


Unknown said...

Lynn Canal?

Anonymous said...

ScoresbySund in east Greenland.

chall said...
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chall said...

It's too "smooth" for being Norway which I wold guess otherwise. But I'd go with Greenland too.

Silver Fox said...

Okay, y,all so far aren't in the right country! None of you! :)

So far only guesses are from the countries - Alaska (is that a country? maybe Alaska Al can weigh in on that weighty question) and Greenland.

Guess again?

Chall, I think that everything looks a bit flat from an airliner, also the snow maybe was washing all the contrast out.

Andrew Alden, Oakland Geology blog said...

Well it's clearly in Canada; I'm just not familiar with the names of all the fjords there. Wait: British Columbia! How about that?

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Gotta be Norway. My reasoning:

1) It's midwinter, but there's no sea ice. That rules out anything in northern Canada (Baffin Island, Ellesmere, Labrador).
2) There are trees on the lower slopes, but not many. Again, that rules out northern Canada. If it was the west coast of British Columbia, there would be more trees (Alaska has already been ruled out).
3) In midwinter, the sun in the north is mostly from the south, so by looking at the shadows, I first thought the photo was looking north. But the lack of sea ice tells me it's not that far north, so the sun could be coming from the SW or SE, depending on the time of day.
4) A common northerly route for airliners from NA is across the pole to Frankfurt. The route in to Frankfurt would fly along the W coast of Norway, and you'd get a good view of the fjords there.

So: Norway, looking east, late afternoon flight. I can't narrow it down any better than that, I'm afraid, but two of the three longest fjords are in Norway, the third is in Greenland which has been ruled out.


Silver Fox said...

Perry, you are absolutely correct by saying Sognefjord. So you come in first, YAY!

Howard, great reasoning. The view in the first post is looking northeast. The flight was out of Helsinki into New York. It was probably a midday flight, but I really don't remember, except that I was at the airport for a bit before leaving.

Never did see Greenland or Iceland, though.

Sognefjord is the second longest fjord after Scoresby Sund, and the longest in Norway. The town or village of Skjolden is in the photo on the first post.

Andrew, I entirely forgot about all the fjords in Canada!

Yes, Chall, it is Norway! I'll try to get some Google Earth images up after a bit.

chall said...

DArn. I should've gone with my first instinct.

typical.... ;)