Thursday, December 11, 2008

Where in the North: Sognefjord

This month's Where in the North (the first ever that wasn't in the west) was won a couple days ago by Perry, who blogs at Robert Perry Hooker. The fjord in question - one of the longest in the world, and the longest in Norway - is the Sognefjord, see above in the Google Earth image from approximately the same angle and azimuth as the photo in my original post.
And here's another Google Earth image of the same part of Sognefjord, plus a little bit of the countryside around it. As you can see, Highway or Route 55 passes through the center of the image, making its way up the fjord to the small village of Skjolden (shown improperly as being out in the water by the yellow pin I stuck on there), which is at the head of the fjord. The area, sometimes called the Roof of Norway, has mountains rising more than 2000 m or 6560 ft above sea level (which is right there where the water begins), lots of glaciers, and lakes galore. And you can drive through it, which I find totally amazing!
I took the photos after leaving this airport in Helsinki. The airport has wonderful wood floors...
And lots of interesting signs... Swedish, Finnish, and English.

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