Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twelve Months of Looking for Detachment

I am doing the Twelve Months meme, as per DrugMonkey: the first sentence from the first blog entry for each month of the year. A few things to note: most of these first-posts-of-the-month posts include photos; many, but not all, are part of the Where in the West series. I changed one to a second-post-of-the-month.
  • January:
  • If I were to try to convey the nature of our life here in the hinterland, I might have to use these words: mountains, desert, and lakes; Basin and Range, roadcuts, wide open spaces, and small but cozy living spaces.

  • February:
    I wanted to post a link about Joshua trees, because the Mojave Desert is one of my interests.

  • March:
    This mountain - seen here from both sides, the east and the west - can be viewed easily from a major road, and is well known for a particular geologic feature.

  • April:
    Is it Gold? Or what?

  • May:
    The second day started out mostly clear with some high clouds.

  • June:
    The weather has seemingly warmed up a little again, but there for awhile it was cold and off-and-on snowy.

  • July:
    I'll be away when this post comes out, hiking and camping on Wheeler Peak.

  • August:
    Perhaps by now, you've gotten tired of Middlegate Station and want to move on.

  • September:
    Yes, I'm back - a lot of catching up to do - and then, back to work.

  • October:
    There we were, finally on the boat.

  • November:
    It's been a while since I've done this - not since August as a matter of fact.

  • December:
    Back in early November, BrianR of Clastic Detritus won the Where in the West contest that you can sometimes find here on this blog.
So, that's mostly places in the western US, a bit of geology here and there, a trace of rocks or minerals, some miscellaneous discourse, and some hiking around. Kind of a good review, at least for me! ;)


Anonymous said...

that is a neat way to do a year review

Silver Fox said...

Brian, apparently the 12 month list was done last year at the Sciblogs, and it's making it's way around over there, and through other parts of the science blogosphere. I thought about doing a first photo "list" - and maybe will - but that's a little more work!