Saturday, June 13, 2009

Links: Heat Flow - Geothermal Gradient - Yellowstone

This is a new series, wherein I post some of the links I find and save when doing research for other posts, rather than saving them as drafts. Geology: Geothermal Energy

NPS: 6th Biennial Scientific Conference on the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem: Sublacustrine Geothermal Activity in Yellowstone Lake

NPS: Yellowstone National Park home page

SMU: Geothermal Map of North America 2004 (and other maps)

SMU: Geothermal Lab on Heat Flow (lots of maps)

University of Akron: Misc Wyoming Geothermal Info

USGS/YVO: Heat Flow and Geothermal Energy at Yellowstone

USGS/YVO: Preliminary Assessment of Volcanic and Hydrothermal Hazards in Yellowstone National Park and Vicinity (link only)

USGS/YVO: PDF Document of Above

USGS/YVO: Yellowstone Volcano Observatory home page

Wikipedia: Geothermal Gradient
Wikipedia: Yellowstone Lake


Lockwood said...

This is a really good idea. I've been thinking of a similar series / tag, but missed the idea of a central organizing idea for each post. I come across dozens of share-worthy items each day, and simply cannot give each its own post. The closest I've come to dealing with (a portion of) them is my Sunday funnies, which is now clearly it's own thing.

Silver Fox said...

I often save a lot of links when I'm doing the research for a post, and unless I use them up, the links just go into the blogger post line-up as a draft.

I'm not sure I've hit upon the best-looking format for this yet, though.