Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Reading List Meme

I haven't been terribly good about finishing books I've started in the last year, so I've taken a few off the list and put them out of my sight, at least for now. Nevertheless, I still have a reading list, including a few re-reads.

Sweet Promised Land falls into the catetgory of a re-read. The book is a biography of Dominique Laxalt, a Basque sheepherder in Nevada, as written by his father, Robert Laxalt. I first read the book sometime in the 1980's. I highly recommend this 50th anniversary edition (it was first published in 1957).

This summer reading-list meme seems to be predicated on listing seven books, but I'm not going to push my luck and will only list five. I have already completed the two books listed below - in the last two months, no less! I'm encouraged by that, and by the fact that I know I'll finish Sweet Promised Land. Finished:
Yay for already finishing two books! Much better than my 2008 book-reading record (except for some escapist paperbacks).

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BrianR said...

The Frodeman book is one of my favs ... I've re-read many parts of it multiple times.

Silver Fox said...

Brian, I think I must have gotten the book after you recommended it! Haven't started, though. This year I'm trying to stick to one book at a time, hopefully with more success than last year.