Monday, June 22, 2009

Two Years Ago Today: Wrens Nesting

Two years ago today, I had just arrived at our lake home after my first full month of working in eastern Nevada. It was spring, and a pair of wrens were nesting in a bird house in our backyard.
First, they would get close and carefully eye the nest and everything around, while hiding in nearby bushes or trees. This wren has a small grub or something in its beak.
They built an unusual-looking nest, one with twigs sticking out of the hole. The twigs tightened up the entryway, protecting the nestlings from anything larger than a wren.

Part of the action is not just to bring food in for the baby birds, but to take out the trash. Somewhat neater than messy diapers, I think.
Both the male and female wren were involved in the feeding and trash-taking-out operations, dividing their chores evenly as far as I could tell.
While watching the wrens, I caught this patient birder taking pictures of them.

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