Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tweets for the Week #2

Continuing with the blogging of interesting links I tweeted on Twitter this week - as per last week, with oldest at the top, youngest at the bottom (ineverse geological order):

New blogpost "Geology and wine Sunday" (via @mihaela4021)

Protect yourself & Oregon schoolkids from zombie attacks - with rock hammers! (via @stressrelated)

Where's your laptop come from? Everywhere, basically. (via @stressrelated, @justarikia, & @wired)

That being said, the leading copper producing country is not China. Top 5 in order: Chile, U.S., Peru, China, Australia.

"There shouldn't be any impacts." ha! Discovery of new cave critters may jeopardize Vegas water grab. (via @highcountrynews)

USGS has an opening for an Economic Geologist (Research) in their Anchorage, Alaska office.

Geologist postition with CEMEX in Sacramento for recent graduate. Search: California; click: Geologist.

Two tenure track geology positions available at UNR (NBMG) in Econ Geol, Structural Geol, Tectonics, Geol Hazards, et al.

Two Deadly Quakes: Is Earth Unusually Active? [No.] (via @BoreholeGroup)

Have you donated to the Geobloggers' DonorsChoose challenge? Help kids learn really cool science. (via @Allochthonous)

How to clean up a broken fluorescent light bulb or other mercury spill. (via @mcmoots h/t @EPAregion9)

The Impact of Nature Experience on Willingness to Support Conservation. (via @BoraZ)

Gold prices hit a record high today [6 Oct 09] at $1,039.70 an ounce. (via @rgj)

Vanuatu earthquake/tsunami summary plus links and background. (via @aboutgeology)

Even the Camels Are Dying. RT @dotearth

Three magnitude 7's in one day - at Shaking Earth.

Forecast now for only moderate El Nino, temps plateaued. (via @jfleck)

Article about age of Earth's magnetic field indicates that it may be older than earlier estimates. (via @BoreholeGroup)

Find a Native Plant Society in your area of the country. (via @mactavish, @CNPS_org, and @PineLilyFNPS)

Did you know that GSA is on Facebook? (via @geosociety)

Some photos from the field, OR and WA - at Pools and Riffles.

Geoblogger's pow-wow in Portland - at NOVA Geoblog.

Geotagged photo album of Walker River / Lake map area. Open it in GE for fun. (via @drjerque)

And a few links not strictly geoscience or science related:
Dilbert and Wally recommend Twitter to the boss. (via @mike_elgan)

Blogs can be regulated by the Feds, but not protected from Feds by Shield Laws. (via @BoraZ & @jayrosen_nyu)

I think I'll keep calling it The Test Site. The Nevada Test Site is getting a name change. (via @jfleck & @plutoniumpage)

Ray Bradbury, painter. (via @pussreboots @LATimesbooks)

Nobel Peace Prize's Notable Omissions. (via @nprnews)

Including Ensign and McCain. 30 GOP Senators Vote to Defend Gang Rape. (via @GrrlScientist)

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