Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hanging Around the GSA meeting. And what better place to do it than with a bunch of other geobloggers and geotweeters in a friendly pub? I didn't take many photos during our meetup-tweetup, but got this one of Callan Bentley - who said, at the time, that it was a "great" photo. Callan has a photo of 18 of the 19 bloggers right here. He and several others have written more extensively about the pub, the beer, and the bloggers. (Well, no one wrote much about the beer - I thought it was just great, but don't remember anything specific.) If I missed any writeups, go ahead and let me know!
Like I said, I really didn't take many photos in the pub, instead, I took some pics while a few of us were taking the train back across the river to the convention center area. Above: Jessica Ball of Magma Cum Laude and Ron Schott of Ron Schott's Geology Home Companion Blog.
More: Brian Romans of Clastic Detritus, Jim Lehane of Dino Jim's Musings, and Callan Bentley of NOVA Geoblog.
Here's Callan with Kyle House of Geologic Frothings and Fresh Geologic Froth, with Kim Hannula and All My Faults Are Stress Related looking on.
Anne Jefferson of Highly Allochthonous has been hanging on all this time, and is now conversing with Kim.

It was a great night, I enjoyed meeting so many geobloggers, and look forward to doing this again sometime! A full list of the blogger and tweeter attendees can be found at NOVA Geoblog.


Gaelyn said...

What a great collection of geonerds. I meant geobloggers. I call myself a geonerd all the time.

Tomorrow I leave to see the awesome geology of Death Valley. Have any suggestions?

Silver Fox said...

I have a few posts about Death Valley, they mostly focus on Titus Canyon, a 4WD, one-way route in from Beatty, and some mentions of the Turtlebacks, which you can drive pretty close to near Badwater and also at Natural Bridge. I haven't been to Racetrack Playa, but that is supposed to be fascinating! Also, Geotripper has some Death Valley posts including a couple about a really accessible roadcut in ash-flow tuff on Highway 178. Have a great trip!

coconino said...

Great photos, Silver Fox! Thanks for posting and glad you had a good time!

Anne Jefferson said...

Ouch. That's not a very charming picture of me. Oh well.

It was great to briefly meet you at the meet-up and I hope we run into each other again.

Silver Fox said...

Coconino, sorry you couldn't be there!

Silver Fox said...

Anne, I thought it was okay, but I can remove it if you want and just point to your arm in previous pics! :)