Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tweets for the Week

It's becoming popular to blog links tweeted on Twitter; here are mine for the past week. This practise was started by Chris at Highly Allochthonous a few weeks ago, and recently taken up by Ole at Olelog. I'm typically a bit eclectic on Twitter - links will include geoblogs, other geological and geographical articles, and articles on other subjects. I have, of course, left out any links I tweeted to my own blog, so as not to be too redundant and overweening. I'm not sure if I'll commit to doing this weekly, though it's fairly easy using Twitter Search, as Chris pointed out in his most recent twitter-link post. I've listed these in chronological order, with the least recent first and the most recent last.

Crater Lake (Oregon) Web Cam (via @geographile & @Aife_Earthstone)

Just Posted: Joshua Tree Calendar for 2010 (via @canislatrans)

Yikes! Will have to tell MOH. Snowshoers are *7* times more likely to underestimate Avalanche Danger! (via @Sierratp)

Google map of requests to remove books from public libraries. (via @dvergano & @seanmcarroll)

A very good article on aging from Men's Journal. Kind of funny; kind of not. (via @LRockwellatty)

The most populated & tectonically active state subordinates oversight of geophysical risks to non-geos. (via @Geolitics)

Science "Journalism" by Press Release - at Outside the Interzone, on Italy's "supervolcano." (h/t Callan Bentley)

Samoan EQ: Now an 8.0 event, normal mechanism, depth a mere 10 km. (via @aboutgeology)

Powerful quake hits off Samoa islands, generates tsunami. None expected in Alaska or West Coast. (via @adndotcom)

Toyota will recall 3.8 million vehicles, its largest U.S. recall. (via @rgj) <---haven't noticed any problem w/ our Prius.

Interesting aftershock distribution... (via @miguelveraleon)

Is banning a font, like banning a book? What's the ugliest font? (via @peccavi & @sharebrain)

Lauren, on Polanski, at Feministe. Must-read. (via @canislatrans)

Back in the Mountains - rock glaciers by @geologyhappens

Nice job on the interview! @Allochthonous : BBC programme on natural disasters is available on Iplayer for the next week

A few pics from Salton Sea trip. (vai @FlorianBoyd)

Hey GeoBloggers! ... Take this survey (via @clasticdetritus)

Happy Water New Year! (via @WaterWired) on Asperger's Syndrome (via @Colo_kea)

Time to turn my computer on. The latest podClast is up! The Geobloggers in the Pub: SF (via @Yorrike)

And the earthquakes near Olancha, south of Lone Pine, continue.

The Keeler Earthquake Swarm - at Geotripper.

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