Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Top 10 Posts at LFD...

...and a few more.

Because of the vagaries of stat reporting (in this case, by Google Analytics), I'm listing the both the top ten posts for the year (in large font, with respective Top Ten number), and the top two posts for every month (non-ten-rated posts are in a smaller font). One reason for going on to listing the top two posts per month (or four posts in one particularly popular month, February), is that post ratings for the last few months of every year, as indicated by stats, are not as reliable as post ratings for earlier in the year (ratings are not static and change as time goes on).

As usual, the year started out with a bang. Some of the tapering of top posts (and certainly all of the tapering of my number of posts per month) resulted from me not having as much time to blog starting in mid-March or so; some of the apparent tapering of top posts is a result of the way stats accrue per post, with the last three months of 2012 garnering zero Top Ten posts so far, but maybe one or two of those posts will actually make it into the Top Ten by the middle of next year. Also, FWIW, I have noticed quite a drop in blog hits over the last two months, starting with NaNoWriMo, when presumably everyone was writing, and perhaps fewer people were reading.

And so, here are the Top Ten posts, with a few extras so that each month shows at least the top two posts for that month, giving us a total of 26 posts.

A Soak at Spencer Hot Springs #5
Stop Censorship Header | Stop SOPA Links #7

De Re Metallica #1
South of Center: Potts Ranch #3
Top Ten Reasons I love detachment faults / core complexes #4
ENE of Center: Breccia at Devils Gate #8

Goodbye... #10
Backroads: Too Cold to Change a Flat, and other Considerations

SW to SWxS of Center: West Northumberland Canyon
Views from Winnemucca Mountain

Wedge #45: Geological Pilgrimage
Busy Days!

American 101 Geo-Sites Meme #9
Field Book Scribbles

Geo-beers: Gimme an Icky #2
Two Spots on the Humboldt River

Smoke in the Black Rock & Smoke Creek Deserts
Pinnacles above Midas

Mud Pot at Sulphur Works #6
Views of Lassen

Geologic Map Day
Accretionary Wedge #50: The Fire at Field Camp

V is for Vein
Friday Photo: Dumortierite

Rock Walls at the Champion Mine Lower Workings
Dumortierite at the Champion Mine, Nevada

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