Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to any and all of my readers who might happen to have a birthday on June 10th. And here's to you: cheers! From MOH and I both, in case you haven't gotten a birthday card yet.

Yes, I know it isn't IPA or anything fancy. It's not even Sierra Nevada Pale Ale or Alaskan Amber - the latter formerly known as "Chinook" in Juneau, I think, because the Alaskan Pale Ale wasn't produced until 1988, and I drank Chinook beer in the Red Dog Saloon in 1987.

We're having a cake tonight!

[If you look closely you can see the Surgeon Generals warning - that's all the disclaimer I'm going to make!]


Garry Hayes said...

Hope you had a happy one! Cheers!

Silver Fox said...

MJC, thanks - although I really had in mind one of my readers, we celebrated anyway.

Alaska Al said...

You are correct, it ain't an AK amber or the Moose's Tooth IPA. But it is the thought that counts. And the card arrived. In addition to Alaska Al there are other famous people born on June 10: Eliot Spitzer, John Edwards, Hattie McDaniels, Dan Fouts (also a Duck), Judy Garland, Prince Phillip, and a bunch of others.

Silver Fox said...

Sorry, no song!