Friday, June 13, 2008

Blogging about GeoBlogging

Yes, the Geoblogosphere has been getting a lot of press recently, first in an article in AAPG's Explorer, then in the recent edition of Geotimes, which finally came to our little house in the Nevada outback.

Many geobloggers have blogged about this new phenomenon, which has made some of us famous, or at least handed out the 15 minutes of fame due to everyone according to Andy Warhol. Some of us are less famous than others, but Chris at Highly Allochthonous is doing his best to make sure we are all given our place on the geoblogic roster (or would that be geoblogical?) - see his list of the 45 geoblogs that make up his "allgeo" - and also see a few more geoblogs listed in the comments on his post. Which reminds me, I need to update my geo-links!

So, for all my non-geoblogospherian readers, those of you who might not yet be on to the whole of the GeoBlogosphere, please check it out. Chris's Allgeo feed can be read in the sidebar here at Looking for Detachment, and also in the sidebars of many other geobloggers' blogs.

Those of us who have recently meta-geoblogged include the following, listed in geologic order, with the oldest post at the bottom and the youngest at the top, just as we see things in the geologic record:

If I've left anyone out as far as posts go, sorry 'bout that! Some "layers" are listed more than once, because they geoblogged about geoblogging more than once!


Jessica Ball said...

Missed out on this! That's okay, though, I got to talk about it on the podClast.

I was too busy bringing down the wrath of the delete key on the thick little skulls of my brand new, oh-so-NOT-welcome trolls.

Then again, if I've attracted trolls, does that mean I'm doing well?

Chris R said...

Trolls do come with traffic - although I've only had to delete the witless rantings of a few morons over the past couple of years...

If they turn up again, let us know and we'll help beat them up in the comments.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the best way to get rid of trolls is to provide a sound and cogent rebuttal to their nonsense ... although that does take time, energy, and thoughtfullness ... they are looking for you to personally attack them, if you calmly shoot their argument (or lack of one) down with solid facts, they usually leave. They aren't stable in reality space.

Silver Fox said...

Tuff, I was sorry to hear you were having trollish problems. Neat being on the podclast, though.

I think ReBecca (Dinochick) uses an IP blocker of some sort. Not sure. You might email her about it. She also uses the comment moderation.