Thursday, June 12, 2008

Views from Middlegate

Here we are, back at Middlegate Station, for a last look at a few more views. Did I forget to mention the Mini-Mart? Stop in anytime you're driving by to get a cold soda or other drink, ice cream sandwiches, snacks, and a few other sundries.

If you have a chance, sit out on the back deck - the one between the two identical motel buildings - and take a look at Fairview Peak, of "Earthquake Fault" fame, in the distance to the west.
The porch is a rustic affair, but from it you can see the little yellowish finch birds that come to the back of the motel to get water from swamp coolers.

While in the room, MOH and I could hear some chirping through the back "window," which is actually just an opening for the swamp cooler fan. At first I thought it was some funny noise the fan was making - but from the porch, we could see clearly that it was little birds, living in this little desert oasis of poplar trees and swamp-cooler water.

view Here's a view of a nearby ranch, just east of Middlegate Junction, with the south part of the eastern Clan Alpin Mountains in the background. If you look closely (click to enlarge), you can see that the well-exposed Tertiary volcanic rocks are dipping slightly to the east.

A storm moved in, and we retreated to our motel room for a while, but outside the views were still great - of clouds and partly hidden mountains.
storm clouds Below are three views of Middlegate, the geographic notch in the southern Clan Alpines, from Middlegate Station, the old station, motel, bar, cafe, etc at Middlegate Junction (too many Middlegates for you?). The tree in the notch is the famous Middlegate Shoe Tree, one of those places routinely visited by travelers of America's so-called Loneliest Road, Highway 50.

Clouds hang over the Desatoya Mountains.

A bit later, the clouds have moved on and the sun is setting.

Ah, the next morning, it's all sunny and bright, not a cloud in sight!

carBefore leaving, you might want to take a last look at some of the rustic old cars and buggies and things around the station.

phoneAnd you might want to make a last phone call, letting everyone know where you are.

signNow, which way to go: south toward Gabbs...
signs...or north towards Highway 50?

For this trip, turn right and go east on Highway 50 to the shoe tree...

shoe tree

P.S. This used to be a good place for a "pit stop" - down in the wash that the shoe tree grows in. It's a little overused now, since the Highway 50 and the shoe tree became famous. I'd stop somewhere else, if I were you.


Anonymous said...

I'm happiest when I'm in Middlegate Nevada! The people, the fun, it's the best!! Kara D.

Silver Fox said...

Dear Anon, maybe we'll see you there the next time we pass through. Won't be until at least late July, though.