Monday, June 2, 2008

Where in the West - June

This area in the west - shown in the first photo above from the south looking north - is known for ancient shorelines, 360-degree views, mirage, emigrant trails, and several hot springs. If you drive too far toward its western edge, you are likely to get stuck; likewise if you drive too far in an easterly to northeasterly direction.

It was named after a particular rock formation, which is shown in the second view above, looking from the east to the west.

In summer, it's often known for the creatures below, which will sometime clog up the hot spring pools and make bathing disagreeable.


Garry Hayes said...

Toiyabe Mountains? At least I know of the Jerusalem Crickets. It is astounding to drive along Highway 50, and hearing the popping sound on the highway as we run them over. It always reminds me of some old science fiction movie where giant ants invaded, and the plastic ants were everywhere.

Silver Fox said...

No, not the Toiyabe Mountains. In fact, although one could name the mountains seen in these photos, I'm thinking more of the name of the "valley."

P.S. Not on Highway 50. In fact, there is no paved road through the main part of this area, just peripherally.

Andrew Alden, Oakland Geology blog said...

Not Pyramid Lake, is it?

Silver Fox said...

Generally speaking, there isn't very often a lake in this "basin." Pyramid Lake, however, is named after a rock formation or island called "The Pyramid."

Andrew Alden, Oakland Geology blog said...

Oh well, I was close.

Silver Fox said...

Andrew, you came closest in this months WITW - Pyramid Lake is only two basins away from the Black Rock Desert - either separated from it by the Smoke Creek Desert or by Winnemucca Dry Lake, depending on how you want to get there.

Because my directions were off in how I said my original photos were oriented - well, maybe it wasn't that fair!

Oh, well. :)