Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hiking in the Mountains

MOH and I have been fortunate enough recently to be taking our visitors from Alaska around here and there in the Basin and Range to see the sights. One thing we did was to drive up one of the local, Basin and Range mountains and take a little hike. As you can see, we saw some beautiful sights, and a little wildlife.

More on this particular mountain later!

mountain A view of the mountain from the mountain's shoulder; you can see some layered rocks that form the highest part of the mountain. Are they sedimentary, metamorphic, or volcanic?
mountain spire
creek Some purple wildflowers growing along a rushing, snow-melt creek.
mountain again
view from mountain A view of distant mountains to the southeast from the shoulder of the mountain.
squirrelWe found this little ground squirrel on the side of the road, apparently eating dirt - maybe it was going after road salt from the winter.


coconino said...

Looks like Wheeler Peak to me. If I recollect correctly, the peak is Prospect Mtn quartzite. The next formation below, the Osceola argillite (?) is one of my favorites. Black and green rocks. Yum.

MJC Rocks said...

Definitely Great Basin National Park...I was there yesterday! Only had time to take my students on the cave tour, as we had a 500 mile day, making our way home from the two week trip. Thanks for the beautiful pics!

Silver Fox said...

Yes, coconino and MJC Rocks - you are both right! Wheeler Peak in Great Basin National Park, with Precambrian to Cambrian Prospect Mountains Quartzite forming the headwall of the cirque and top of the mountain. We were there Saturday,took a short hike with elevationally-challenged family, looked at all the views, and ate lunch in Baker. A cave tour was leaving right when we arrived at the upper visitor center - we were hoping to eat there, but it wasn't open.