Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday from the Road: Middlegate Station, central Nevada

While on the road in Nevada, or anywhere, as a geologist (or other traveler) you will have to stay somewhere. It's good to choose a place that is within 2 hours max drive of your field area, preferably within 1 hour.

Middlegate Station, on Highway 50 between Fallon and Austin, qualifies as a place to stay, particularly if you are working in a place like Dixie Valley, which is a long way from anywhere. Middlegate Station is at Middlegate Junction, the junction between Highway 50 and Route 361, which heads south to Gabbs (see Dust and Deflation for more on the location).
The signs at Middlegate Station, with Fairview Peak in the distance, photo looking west.
Middlegate Junction is often in the midst of a dust storm, so be prepared. Photo shows the north side of the motel buildings.
The front, or east side, of Middlegate Station, with the bar, cafe, pool table, gift shop, and large-screen TV inside.
Pull around to the north side of the bar-cafe (same building as in the previous photo) to get gas or diesel. The photo looks toward the east from the motel area, with the low, southern part of the Desatoya Mountains in the background.
One half of the motel, as seen from the other half; both buildings, joined by a porch area, look the same.

View to the east down one motel hallway.

After you've settled in, go inside and try out the libations. Sit down and enjoy the food...

...while enjoying the rustic atmosphere.

You, who are on the road... must have a code... that you can live by...
Teach Your Children, by Graham Nash
Deja Vu, 1970


coconino said...

I've really enjoyed reading your posts with lots of pix. They convey a vivid portrayal of your subject, often with a humorous bent. Thanks!

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, coconino. Sometimes I think - oh, this isn't geological enough - but traveling and places and geography are all part of the life I lead and have led over the years. So I do appreciate your comment!

Anonymous said...

Nice pics. This is also the old Lincoln Highway. East of here the Lincoln Highway followed a now bypassed route between Austin and Eastgate over Carroll Summit, that is now SR722. If US 50 is the Loneliest Road, than SR 722 is the Middle of Nowhere.
Russell - ypsi-slim
Vice-President, Lincoln Highway Assoc.

Silver Fox said...

Russell, thanks for the link. I haven't been completely sure where the Lincoln Highway followed Highway 50, and where it didn't. I know it leaves 50 (or 50 leaves it) in the eastern part of Nevada.

S.R. 722 - old Highway 50 and part of the Lincoln Highway - was called Route 2 when I moved to Nevada in the 70's. I've often taken that route over the Desatoya Mountains - the scenic route.

Anonymous said...

Funny to read these blog comments almost 9 years after the fact. In late summer of 2000 my son and I were on a motorcycle trip from eastern Canada to California and back. We stopped off for a late breakfast at the restaurant, which by the way was very tasty. Our most memorable part of this stop was when the waitress handed us our menus with one hand, and fly swatters with the other!

Silver Fox said...

I think the fly swatters would still be useful!