Monday, November 17, 2008

A Few More Field Days

OR: Just Another Day in Paradise
Shortly after the photogenic frost came, in fact, the very next day, rain came and made everything wet and muddy. Snow fell on the high and not-so-high mountains.
The resulting snow made the hills a bit inaccessible for field work for a few days... until the sun finally stayed out long enough to melt all but the highest snow.
More recently the days have looked like this: yellow-green juniper trees with a background of bluish green piƱon trees. The afternoon shadows come early, and the low light seems to make everything brighter and more colorful.
Look closely: a couple juniper berries!
And then the sun goes down, slowly, creating even longer shadows, until nothing but shadow is left.


GeologyJoe said...

Its a better view than from my office window, thats for damn sure.

GeoBeed said...

Eureka? Geologists are probably the only people who find Nevada beautiful. lol

Silver Fox said...

My office doesn't have a window! Great views outside, though.

Small town Nevada is almost everywhere!