Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One Year Ago Today: Fall at the Lake

By this time last year, fall at the lake had progressed to no leaves being left on our deciduous trees - well, maybe there's one.
Instead, they were all on the ground, mostly still yellow to golden brown, but some turned an interesting sooty brown to sooty gray color.
Unlike this year, we had a few small flowers left in the garden. These flowers aren't exactly wildflowers - we planted them - I think they are supposed to attract butterflies. They are so tiny!

The dried flowers below came with the house: gaillardia. They are at least semi-wild and spread easily. This time last year, there were still a couple small blooms! Not this year, though.
This year, I won't see these kinds of images, because I won't be making it to the lake probably until December, or even January. My end-of-year schedule seems a little strange - MOH was at the lake when I was working, and I will be in Reno when he is working. We managed to overlap our days off a little bit, by three or four days, and we will manage to have two to three days off together over Thanksgiving.


Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

I'm glad that you and MOH are able to take some time off together around Thanksgiving. Conflicting holiday schedules are no fun.

Silver Fox said...

Yeah, the non-overlasp shouldn't be lasting long, though! And I will get to visit other family. :)