Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Slow Day?

Is it a slow day? That is the question! To slow, or not to slow...

I'm having a bit of a headache this morning; so far I'm not ready to call it a migraine, but most of my headaches become such by the middle or latter part of the day. Oh, woe is me! :(

I'm also, perhaps, having just the incipient bit of a cold virus, which I will probably fight off by tomorrow, especially since we will be getting to sleep an extra hour, and a recent article has it that fall forward is one of the best things we do for ourselves every year, never mind some recent opinions or bloggish uproar about the article. [And UPDATE - here's another well thought out blog post that explains things in great detail, and also explains why fall-back is a good thing, why spring-forward is a bad thing.] I'm mostly referring to the once-again brouhaha about whether scientific-type bloggers should 1) blog at all, 2) ever dare to state a scientific statement, question, or opinion - reasoned or otherwise - on a blog, or 3) dare to refuse to use a real name, when, as everyone knows, we might have our houses robbed or our persons abused if random internet-type people could actually google us and find where we live and whether we happen to be at home or not. I'm also not stating that the "bloggish uproar" is in any way negative - or positive - I am, at this point, merely noting its recurrent presence. [And P.S. to any internet-type stalkers or creepish types - the Silver Fox has caretakers and guardians, with guns and ammo, posted at all her many and several places of residence, wherever they may be.]

It does seem like a slow day to me. I'm waking up slowly, am drinking coffee slowly, am getting ready (for what?) slowly, am writing slowly, and my head feels like a mass of thick-bedded limestone: gray, thick, and easy to dissolve in cold, dilute hydrochloric acid. In fact, that dissolution may have started sometime in the night while I was sleeping, for all I can tell.

On a less satirical [or facetious?] note: the sunrise was beautiful, the weather warmish for 43oF [note: the little "o" is going to henceforth stand for degrees on this blog, as I've gotten tired of writing out "degrees" and have also gotten tired of going into the html editor and typing the appropriate ascii code for the degree symbol], the clouds heavy and cloudish [note: I will also continue to use such silly, idiotic, or ridiculous made-up words like "cloud-ish," with or without a dash, as is my right as a writer]. It was dark when I walked out the door to get into my truck. [Boo hoo.] Tomorrow morning it won't be so dark, but in a month it will probably be darker. Alaska Al, if he is reading this longish, slowish, braided and meandering blog post, would probably tell me (or you) to toughen up or tough it out - it's been dark in the mornings in Alaska for more days than it has been down here, and they are probably, by now, losing at least 7 minutes of daylight every day.

I'd post a Halloween picture of some sort, but MOH and I didn't manage to do Halloween this year. [Doing Halloween is kind of like doing lunch - it's something you do, and it's optional.] I might post a picture from last year's doings, but I'll have to think about it. It's really a kind of scary - oooooh! - picture!


on-the-rocks said...

You have my sympathies on the migraine thing.

I have different triggers for migraines, sometimes it might be blood pressure, sometimes it may be a blood sugar thing (if I skip breakfast), sometimes it is related to waking up with a sinus headache, sometimes it is having a beer in the daytime.

I don't have the "visuals", but I do have the nausea.

This spring, I woke up with a bad migraine the day of my daughter's wedding, which was to be near dusk on the beach near Destin, FL. I told her that if I passed out, it was from the effects of the nausea and not from emotion. I made it through the wedding, but I had to excuse myself to go behind a construction dumpster in the nearby parking lot.

My sister suggested lukewarm ginger ale to calm my stomach, so I could at least keep some fluids down. It worked, but my stomach was so damaged, I couldn't eat for a couple of days, including the post-wedding buffet. It is a rough way to lose a couple of pounds.

I didn't mean to be so verbose about migraines.

Silver Fox said...

Thanks for your sympathies. My migraines sometimes go away for a few months at a time - can be related to many things including tension, new exercise, not enough protein (skipping a meal) - but whereas usually eating something helps, it rarely makes it go away. I get variably light, sound, and sometimes motion sensitive, and sometimes feel sick but not extremely, thankfully.