Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yesterday and Today

Okay, so that's not such an original post title after yesterday's "Yesterday..." post! So, I'm not so original, today. In fact, I'm just kind of making it through and wanted to post anyway.

I saw yesterday's wonderful pink, orange, and pale yellow sunrise through the bedroom window before I went to work. You can even see the screen, if you look closely. There are no storm windows or double panes in any of the windows of this old, little house. And though I appreciate being able to raise the lower part of the window on occasion, even during the cold part of mid-winter, cold air does seep through.

There is snow on the high mountains in the distance, and a few golden yellow leaves remain on the elms just outside the window. The fact that this is a sunrise and not a sunset picture is somehow cheering to me, and in fact I need some cheering and will take even that little bit!

The reason the photo is looking through the window and was not taken outside - well, by the time I was ready to leave, the sunrise was done! Amazing!

And that was yesterday, today's yesterday. Last night I came home, after a somewhat depressing day at work, to the warm smells of home-cooking, the warm company of MOH, and a couple soothing beers. Well, relaxing beers, anyway.

Tonight, after another day of making it through, I came home to this wonderfully cheerful sight - a new spot in the entryway of our little house, where we can sit down, under a bright light in an otherwise dark, cold, and electricity-free room, and take off our muddy, rocky, or snowy boots, before tracking all through the house and across the old, brown carpet. An arctic entryway!

I used it this morning, actually, and so my boots were warm from sitting all night on the boot warmers. The cheery thing about coming home to this - MOH had left the bright light on for me (he left for nightshift right before I got home, we passed each other on the road, so - don't worry - the light wasn't on that long!). It was fun to come in, sit down and take my boots off, put them on the boot warmers, and walk inside.

On the table I was greeted by two wonderful notes from MOH, both designed to warm my heart and to reassure me that all is well in the world.

Hopefully, that is truly the case.


Unknown said...

All IS well in the world! Unfortunately, that's true regardless of what I think... or you think... and it's equally true to say that NOTHING is well in the world. Ok, now I'm babbling.

Check out the song "DB Cooper" by Todd Snider for a little background. I really like the live version on "Near Truths and Hotel Rooms." It's also got a good 'un about statisticians, and their blues.

Silver Fox said...

I know what you're saying, and you're right. It matters and doesn't matter all at the same time, but it's an odd place to be (or rare) when both things are true (detached?). Just like you said in your post today - when you mentioned those exceptionally bright moments that sometimes come before the unimaginable or at least unexpected. Bad re-statement, probably. Fey, they call it sometimes, as here,#4.

DB Cooper was a guy who took the money and jumped - or fell - or ran. Not sure how it applies here, unless you just like the music. Life goes on?

Harold Asmis said...

I love the boot warmers!

Silver Fox said...

They're greeaaaat! Nice and warm.