Friday, December 18, 2009

My Year of Traveling Meme

This traveling meme was started by Alice at Sciencewomen, passed to Magma Cum Laude, then to NOVA Geoblog, and on to Geotripper Part 1 and Part 2, and then on to Geology Happens.

January: The famous (or infamous?) International Hotel in Austin, Nevada. This is currently the last recorded visit to this establishment. The beer is okay.
I don't recommend the food.UPDATE 17Jan10: The food on Christmas day was excellent!
February: Great Basin National Park and environs twice (and at least one trip through central Nevada). snow
March: Alaska, for the Iditarod and beers (and more than two trips through central Nevada). turnagain
April: Middlegate Station, Nevada - a good place to eat, has above average beer, and you can have wi-fi in your room. 50 The Carlin Canyon Unconformity (or fault, depending on who you talk to) - and at least two trips through central Nevada.
May: Titus Canyon - the largest breccia fragments are truck sized.breccia Death Valley. The Mojave Desert - granite at Teutonia Peak, part of Cima Dome. teutonia Some mines and properties in western Nevada as part of the GSN spring field trip (and two or three trips across central Nevada, depending on how you define "central."). shack
June: Wheeler Peak in springtime (would you believe late winter?).
July: Back to Wheeler Peak, more than once, where it was looking like spring. wheeler San Francisco, where I didn't get pictures of any famous bridges but did have some good beer. (Also in July, at least two trips through central Nevada.)
August: I made one short trip and completed most of a second trip to Caliente, Nevada, and environs (and made two trips through central Nevada). tuff
September: Reno - that's Slide Mountain on the left and Mt. Rose on the right. slide mtn Our lake house (we have to drive for this view).pelican Lassen Volcanic National Park. (And two drives through central Nevada.) lassen
October: I went to Crater Lake and other points north on the way to the GSA meeting in Portland. crater lake Then, after going here and there, I went to Jarbidge, Nevada, a first for me. (And made only one trip through central NV.) jarbidge
November: I hiked in the southern Egan Range, where I had a great view of Wheeler Peak. Later in the month, I went to Reno for a GSN meeting, but took zero photos. (Drove across central Nevada twice.) view
December: I went to Reno for the NWMA convention, where I once again took zero photos. I drove to our lake house and drove back through snow.snowy road I've been across central Nevada twice so far this month and don't have any big plans for the rest of the month. I've taken care of business, shoveled snow, and watched birds at our little house in eastern Nevada.