Sunday, December 13, 2009

Yeah, It Snowed. So What?

tree It's winter! It snowed a whole bunch last night, almost a foot of heavy, concrete-like snow. When MOH got up this morning to go to a mandatory overtime day at work - a day that was in the middle of his regular 7 off but at least wasn't a night shift - he decided to take my truck to work after determining that the Prius was snowed in. It turned out that he only had to serve 4 hours on his overtime day and then was sent home - because (guess what?) there was too much snow!

Getting home meant driving up the usual steep hill to our street, which turned out to be impossible for my truck, even in 4WD. So he walked home from part way up the hill - not a long way, about one and a half blocks.

Later, we went out and around town to buy a new snow shovel, to look at snow blowers (good ones were sold out), and to wish for an ATV with snow plow attached to the front end. Coming home with one plastic snow shovel and some egg nog, we made it up the less steep hill to our street and managed to back downhill into the driveway without getting stuck crossways in the road, an option which became a distinct possibility at one point. We both then proceeded to shovel like crazy, despite my incomplete recovery from whatever bug is going around.

snow We created a huge snow pile (well, five feet high) in front of the house, while managing to keep the pile away from the lower alley road as much as possible in hopes that my truck will make it up the steep road sometime soon. It's easier to back into the driveway if coming in from the steep road, thence onto the lower part of our split-in-two street.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to a little holiday cheer this evening, and am hoping the snow will not continue to pile higher and higher. It's fine to have a lot of snow, but when it all comes in the middle of the night, it's hard to keep up with the shoveling. Now, if only the city would plow our street! Or even one or two of the streets leading to our street!

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