Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve 2009

The last photos of 2009, taken on New Year's Eve, 31 Dec 2009.
The last sunset, looking east, with magnificent wave clouds above and behind the Schell Creek and Duck Creek Ranges.
The last sunset, looking west, with our hiking hill barely in view at the bottom of the photo.
The last birds: a couple of juncos braving the cold evening, despite a relatively empty bird feeder.
Certainly not the last icicles of the winter!
The last full moon - a blue moon - not an eclipsed moon in this locale.

Hope you're having a great New Year's Eve. I'm spending mine having a toast or two by myself. It's Friday night on MOH's schedule - that is, it's his last night shift of three, before a couple days off in the middle of his month.


Chris R said...

Cool photos! And Happy New Year!

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Chris. And Happy New Year to you!

Gaelyn said...

What a delightful set of images for the end of the year. The sunset is amazing with the soft peach colors staining the snowy mountains. Such a great ending for a new beginning.
Happy New Year!

Silver Fox said...

I glanced out the window and didn't see much color - was really glad I walked outside because I had no idea the wave clouds were stacked over the mountains like that.

Happy New Year, Gaelyn!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Happy belated New Year!

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, Cath - the Xmas cards I ordered didn't even come until after New Year's, so maybe the New Year hasn't started yet!?