Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas at Our Little House

I don't yet know for sure where I'll be on Christmas day, but this is what Christmas decorations look like at our little house. I went out a few days ago and found the tiniest fake tree I could find, decorated it with two tiny-light necklaces designed to be worn to Xmas parties, along with some tiny gift-wrap bows, and there it sits, hanging on our front door knob, on the inside where we can see it. We also have some LED lights wrapped around our elliptical exercise machine, which I haven't photographed. I have a large selection of various lights and decorations at our lake house - including a somewhat larger, though still small, fake tree. I didn't want to duplicate by buying more stuff, hence this tiny tree.
Here's wishing everyone happy holidays, whatever kind you may be celebrating and enjoying!


Mihaela said...

great ideea! Happy holidays to you too.

Gaelyn said...

I love your little tree. Looks about the size of mine which I decorated with old clip-on rhinestone earings.
May you enjoy love and happiness over this holiday season and beyond.

Andrew Alden, Oakland Geology blog said...

Stay cosy and hang in there!

Silver Fox said...

Thanks for the holiday wishes, Mihaela and Gaelyn. And the tree is still "hanging in there." :)