Wednesday, December 23, 2009

This is (More or Less) a Test

This is a test of the tethered laptop system (TLS), using Verizon. The problem with this test is 1) this laptop may be slower than my usual laptop, 2) the pictures I've uploaded are probably half as small as usual, and 3) the laptop uses Vista not XPPro. The upload of these five photos was, however, exceptionally slow. Maybe this system would be good for an occasional blog post while traveling; it isn't recommended as an everyday thing.
Here's what the snow in Eureka looked like yesterday afternoon before the snowstorm was completely done - big pile of snow in the middle of the street.
The west side of the Desatoya Mountains near New Pass, north of Highway 50, with the yellow light of the sun shining through an overcast sky.
Fairview Peak is to the left, just off the picture, as we cross Stingaree Valley just west of West Gate.
We are looking across LaBou Flat in Fairview Valley, toward the north end of the Sand Springs Range, in the center and to the left, and the south end of the Stillwater Range, to the right.
The light of the sunset is reflected in the lake in Fourmile Flat, just before we round the bend and come in view of Sand Mountain.

This is the end of the test of the TLS.

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