Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Little House: Winter Birds

Our bird feeder hangs above our snow-covered garden after the partial melting of an early December snowfall. It took a while for the local birds to find our feeder, but after they did, a whole bunch showed up to chomp down on some seeds! (Chomping birds will be seen later in this post.)
Two days after the first photo, we had the big snowstorm of December 13th. A piñon jay chills in nearby bushes.
We mostly get juncos and a few other small birds coming to the feeder, but sometimes a piñon jay tries to get the larger seeds out of the feeder. They always look just a little awkward.
Juncos are nibbling seeds or grabbing grit from an area of ground exposed by our shoveling.
A junco hangs out on some overhead wires.
The sun came out a day or two later, and juncos galore came to the feeder.
Juncos on the ground eat seed spilled from the feeder.
Two juncos argue over which bird gets which perch.
Juncos hang out on the cord running near the feeder. The snow behind the feeder is tracked by little bird feet.
Today, it's been snowing, more than two inches so far - snow we are not supposed to be getting as far as I can tell (slight chance today, none last night when it started).
Here's what our bird feeder looks like against the backdrop of today's snow and some large icicles: one junco peers at me while I take it's photograph. Say cheese seed!

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