Saturday, January 17, 2009

LFD on 100 GeoBlog List

As noted by several other bloggers in the past few weeks, there is a new geoblog list - the 100 Best Blogs for Earth Science Scholars at this site - and Looking for Detachment is on it, along with - you guessed it! - 99 other earth science and geography blogs. [UPDATE 20Feb2013: I have been notified by email that the links in this 1st paragraph will be changing soon; the links, however, are still going through as of this date, so I am not removing them. Also, anyone could email me with that particular type of notification!]

One reason I bring this up is that I've not only noticed a few visitors coming here from the 100 Geoblog List, but I've also noticed a huge increase in traffic (visitors) from China. Apparently, this same list has been repeated on at least two Chinese-language sites, this one and this one. I know absolutely nothing about the first site, but the second one is part of the Chinese National Geographic Magazine site. I couldn't find this list on the primary National Geographic site, however. If anyone knows anything about the first Chinese site, please let me know. And if you are a visitor - geologist or not - from China, it would be great to hear from you!

UPDATE: I missed the main Chinese site, GeoIdea, which translated the 100 GeoBlog list into Chinese in the first place. GeoIdea was created by Hawkman and friends; Hawkman blogs here. Also, there are more listings for the Chinese Geoblogosphere at The Lost Geologist.

UPDATE AGAIN: And here is another Chinese site with the same 100 Geoblog list. It links to the Chinese National Geographic Magazine site, but as far as I can tell, doesn't list to GeoIdea.


Lost Geologist said...

Would be nice to hear from them indeed. Simply for curiosities sake. :)

Silver Fox said...

Yes, I wonder if the translation is very poor!

hawkman said...

thank you for your attention on our blogs, but the Chinese version of the 100 Best Blogs for Earth Science Scholars is translated firstly by me at GeoIdea, I was angry with those men who did't mention GeoIdea when repost that article.

Silver Fox said...

Hawkman, glad you stopped by and let me know the real story! Yes, those other sites should have at least linked to GeoIdea, since you and your friends did all the work!