Sunday, January 25, 2009

Recent Feed Problems

Just a note: I am having some kind of feed problems, with my last post from Saturday not being visible in all feeds from this site, and not visible on my FeedBurner account. I tried moving the FeedBurner account to Google, which has to be done soon anyway, and that didn't work so the FeedBurner Team is working on fixing the transfer problem, although I think my feed has a problem that may need to be fixed first.

Anyway, I noticed that my Saturday post did not come up on the AllGeo feed or on Ron Schott's feed, but it did come up at! My visitor count for yesterday was normal, with people coming in from lots of "unknown" places instead of from known places, according to Sitemeter. I don't know if you should subscribe to a different feed or not, because it may change when (when?) I know what to do or when (when?) Google gets the feed.

Right now I'm just going to hang in here for a while unless anyone knows how to fix a possibly broken original Blogger feed that is not being completely picked up at FeedBurner. The problem may be an incorrect self reference or a redirect problem. And I'm just winging what these things really are. I have four feeds; all validate but only two show the Saturday post. Only the original default feed shows all my posts back through 29Feb of last year. Don't even know where to start, and am kind of burned out by trying to figure it out! Worked on it half of the day yesterday!

Update 1:15 pm same day: Three feeds are now updated with this post and yesterday's post, including the FeedBurner feed and my account at FeedBurner. The original feed, at least as seen through Google Reader, has still not updated, and it usually updates first.

YAY! (1:18 pm): Now all four feeds have updated with this post. Don't tell me I just needed to publish a new post. Aaarggh for yesterday; yay for today. Strange Though: The fourth feed, which apparently goes to AllGeo, does not contain yesterday's post. So not completely fixed, yet!



Bryan said...

Yeah I have the same problem pop up with the blogger feed, on ITV, from time to time. It seems to resolve the problem itself after a few days. I don't know enough programming to fix it myself though.

Silver Fox said...

Bryan - see my fix, which probably isn't like yours. I unfortunately used the same title of a post deleted back in July.