Monday, January 26, 2009

Morning Snow photos.

with sky
with more skyThe way it looked while I was out shoveling snow early yesterday morning. I got up at 3:00 am, partly because I couldn't sleep, and went out and shoveled snow for almost an hour before having coffee. That way, I made sure the Prius could get out of the driveway, while MOH slept in just a tad.

It wasn't all that cold, probably right around freezing, and the snow was wet and heavy. Everything I wore got wet from sweating. I went in, changed into dry clothes, and after having coffee and breakfast went back out at about 6:5o am, just around sunrise, and took the snow photos. My hands froze.


Unknown said...

Cool shots!

Lockwood said...


Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Lovely photos - I like the last 2 especially. We're forecast to get 5-10 cm here tonight, hopefully it won't last as long as the last stuff! (there are still some month-old dirty piles of snow on the roads).

How do you like the Prius? It's top of our list for when it's time to replace our current car, but as we're planning to run it until the repair bills become prohibitive, there might be better technology on the market by then.

Silver Fox said...

Thanks, everyone!

Cath, we love the Prius. It's actually a fun car to drive, what with being able to watch the mileage and the battery charging while you're driving, to see how you are doing. Also, it has a fairly roomy feel for it's size and plenty of room for four. I've also slept/camped in the back, although that would take a bit of practice to get everything just right. I'm kinda short, though!

We plug a block heater in during the winter, and have studded tires right now, so mileage is down to 42 mph or so (you may want to look up the translation of that!).

Still not sure how to improve for getting a better-mileage and still useful field vehicle.