Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mid-week Exploration: An Old House

hat After hanging out a bit too long today doing computer things, I decided it was time to get outside. So I grabbed a hat and maybe a jacket...
temp Outside, the sun was bright and the temperature was warm (hot for winter): 54 F and 37% relative humidity.

Having not been out in the field for a bit of time, other than a couple vacation-style road trips, I thought I'd do a little around-town exploring. Noticing that the back door to "our house" was open, I went inside. [This is an old, abandoned house, not the little house MOH and I live in while out here in eastern Nevada.] The place is still abandoned, just like last year, and junk is scattered everywhere inside and out, but someone is feeding local cats. They go inside through a tiny cat door.
up I went upstairs. The place is really pretty rickety in places with very few level surfaces because of foundation problems.
door Nice, bright colors! I love old houses, and exploration of the insides of abandoned places takes me way back, back to my childhood when finding an old place was like finding my own personal haunted house. Haunted houses, though, don't have such bright colors.
downI went back down the stairs.
window1 Out the broken kitchen window, one can see the view of the rustic back yard.
window2 And here's the broken window on the back door. This is the first time that the door to the inside has been open. The back door itself has been open ever since I first checked it out, but an interior door just inside is also now open. A few things from the kitchen appear to be missing, judging from what I could see last year through the window. The most recent newspapers are from 2006.
branchesMore of the back yard: winter tree branches and shadows of branches on an old shed.

This house sits on a nice-sized city lot, but after seeing the inside, I would only want to buy it for the lot, if at all. I don't think the house is salvagable, although the stairs are neat - maybe they, and a few other bits and pieces, could be saved. The orientation and placement of the lot would create problems with winter parking, I think; most places nearby have winter parking problems because of hilly streets covered with ice and snow.

And now, I must get on with the rest of the day, go buy a few topo maps, get a Valentine's Day card, get some gas. Or maybe I'll just walk...


PhizzleDizzle said...

Ok, here are your questions:

Here are your questions:

1) Which is your favorite Ender book? Ender or Bean?

2) How did you get into geology?

3) Do you think it would be feasible to colonize Mars in the next 2 centuries or so?

4) What's your perfect Sunday like?

5) What is your best comfort food?

Have fun!

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Great photos! I'd be too scared to go into an abandoned house around here...

Silver Fox said...

PD, I'll be gettin' around to it, maybe this weekend? I guess you mean favorite Ender character? Ender's in several books, Bean's in a couple. I'll e ya if ya don't get back to me!

Silver Fox said...

Oh, and Hahahaha about Sunday!

PhizzleDizzle said...

Oops, I wasn't clear. I meant, (part I) what is your favorite Ender Book? (part II) Who is your favorite protagonist, Ender or Bean? :)

Silver Fox said...

Cath, thanks, I hesitated at first a little - but had already tried getting in a couple times last year. Also, I figured I'd pose as a potential buyer, though there is no 4Sale sign. I listened a bit, and only heard the sound of cats. I wondered if any homeless person might be holing up there, it would be a little warmer than outside in the snow! I did see signs that teenagers, maybe, use the place on occassion for beer parties.

Yesterday while walking around with 4 rolled up topo maps in my hands, I was thinking the maps looked like a protective batting weapon of some kind, when a couple kids asked me if I they could whack their dog, because it was not getting on home like it was supposed to. Whack their dog! The maps are just rolled up paper! I said, No, that would mess up my maps!

Anyway, next time I'll know to carry rolled up maps whenever I want to look threatening!

Silver Fox said...

PD, you are too damned fast for me!!!