Thursday, February 26, 2009

Before and After

Well, before, anyway. These photos show my truck with the red mine flag and green blinking light (on top of the cab) that I had while on my last consulting job. Now, the flag and blinkie light are gone, having been returned to the mine from whence they came.

It might be like when you carry an umbrella and then it doesn't rain? (In Nevada, you can almost always keep rain away by carrying an umbrella, because it routinely doesn't rain here.) Now that I've turned these things back in, the next thing you know they'll be calling me up to come back! It's always possible, though I'm not counting on it. Check out the current price of copper, though: holding steady at above $1.50. A good sign? Who knows?

Truck photos were shot at a good cell phone reception area in a sometimes muddy pullout near Salt Wells, Nevada - between Sand Mountain and Fallon - winter, 2008. "After" photos would look similar, but without red mine flag, green light, or orange parking sticker hanging from the rearview mirror.

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