Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Tail(s) of Thirty or Forty Antelope

There we were, on the road after a recent snow-shoeing expedition in eastern Nevada. What's that up ahead! Slow down, slow down!
Ah, it's a large herd of antelope licking salt off the road. Don't slow down too fast, I want to get some pictures.
Now they've noticed, although four antelope are still coming down to that large asphalt salt lick, aka Highway 50.
Now, about twenty are running away from the road as fast as possible, jumping and leaping through the deep snow, while another ten or more are standing around watching, up on the hill away from the road.
The rush becomes a mad dash!
One or two turn to stare at us as we go by; the others keep running.
Two young ones, stragglers, scramble up the slope.
One last antelope watches from the hill of snow, the southern Egan Range in the background.
The last antelope.
Location was about here coming into Steptoe Valley.


GeologyJoe said...

that last one must be like a Sargent-at-Arms or something, making sure no one follows.

Chris M said...


Amanda@Lady Scientist said...

That is just so cool! How amazing!

Silver Fox said...

I know that wild horses will do that Sargent-at-Arms sort of thing, so maybe antelope do, too. I've never seen so many at once, though, and usually they just run away. Sometimes a one to three of them will run along side your vehicle, like they are racing, if you are on a dirt road.

Cath@VWXYNot? said...

Wow, what great photos!

PhizzleDizzle said...

wow, those are AMAZING photos!!!!!!! how beautiful!

Silver Fox said...

I was really fortunate to even see so many at once, and had my camera on!

Now, if I could just get a nice up-close coyote picture or two...