Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Caliente Series & Caliente Camp Series

I'm bringing everyone up to date about my Caliente series because I'll be adding new posts soon. The series is multiple in nature: two related series have been running side-by-side. I'm calling the first one I started the "Caliente Camp series" and the second one the "Caliente series." In real time and in blog time, the Caliente Camp series started before the Caliente series.The Caliente Camp series: These posts are mostly about a helicopter exploration camp I was part of in 1978, with some accounting of the two 2009 road trips I took to the area to travel down old roads. These stories will continue have now been completed.
The Caliente series: These posts are mostly about my 2009 road trips to the Caliente area, although part of the two trips are documented in the Caliente Camp series, and some 1978 stories are told in at least one of the Caliente series posts. The Caliente series includes a couple posts about the geology and rock formations of the area, and other related items like the wildfires that were in progress during my second field trip. These stories will also be continued have been completed.
These two series overlap, and I've switched back and forth between the series, partly because I started the Caliente Camp series before I made the second road trip into the area and didn't know what kind of series I was starting.

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Garry Hayes said...

I learned everything I learned about blogging from the political blogs, and although archiving is automatic on most blogs, there is usually little interest in going back through time to see the "important" issues of the moment. I've come to realize that geoblogging is a bit different because we are often blogging about places and events that don't become obsolete. Putting up a post like this one is a great way of keeping older, but very interesting posts accessible. I've been enjoying your series, primarily because it is a part of Nevada I am not familiar with. I'm enjoying your explorations there! Keep up the good work!

Silver Fox said...

I got the idea of doing this from your series summary posts, as you might have guessed! I thought it was a great idea, and because we don't have real "pages" on Blogger, it seems like the only way to keep track of series.

Thanks for your fine compliments! It's an interesting running together of stories already written (I have an incoherent book of exploration stories) and the more recent road trips.