Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hydrology Positions

I recently got an email stating the Tetra Tech has several job openings:
...we have a lot of job openings throughout the world and we are currently looking to hire 20 people for our region which include[s] Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Maryland, South Carolina, and few more [other offices]. We are looking for people with a minimum of a BS in Geol, Hydro, Geophys or other related fields. For more info on Tetra Tech view the website:
Contact is the following:
Brian G. Reed, Staff Hydrogeologist
Direct: 832.251.6057 Main: 832.251.5160 Fax: 832.251.5190
Tetra Tech Complex World, Clear Solutions 2901 Wilcrest, Suite 405 Houston, TX 77042-6012

This information was sent to me via the Geological Society of Nevada.

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